The graphics card is well protected placed into the box into a plastic antistatic packaging. The new card comes with the memory of the same type, but this time it’s faster so that it can cope with the demands of the overclocked graphics core. The memory runs at reference MHz MHz. The GTX marked Nvidia’s transition to the 55nm manufacturing process that would further boost speed and decrease the power consumption and therefore, the produced heat. The main part comprises of the heatsink with the heatpipes, which take care of the GPU, whereas the remaining two components are aluminum plates, which act as passive heatsinks. With the card installed, our test rig drew up to W in gaming scenarios without the monitor whereas idle operation resulted in consumption of about W.

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If you’re planning to treat yourself to the fastest single-GPU Nvidia card, you’ll have to resort to buying the GTX as Fermi is still nowhere to be seen.

Gainward GTX Specs – CNET

A proof of this would be that GTX cards, apart from excellent gaming capabilities, enable for PhysX technology an increasing number of games feature Gainward gtx 285 based effectsStereoscopic 3D for which you’ll need special 3D glasses and a special monitoras well as improved operation of video and image processing apps, courtesy of the GPU itself.

The various logos on the blue-colored gainward gtx 285 provide basic information about the features on the product. The cooler features two fans connected to the 4-pin connector via one cable, and regulating the rpm is a breeze.

This also means that your PSU should better offer at least Watts of total power. The card also features two dual-link DVIs and S-video out. On the other hand, we can’t say that we’re pleased with the operating noise levels, but it’s possible to remedy that by lowering the gaineard rpm and basically sacrificing a couple of degrees Celsius for quieter operation you can use the provided ExpertTool.

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Of course, it’s not only gamers who need graphics cards and our today’s card’s pipeline can be utilized in many ways and the card’s memory plays a gainward gtx 285 role in processing larger amounts of data. Index Gainward GTX tested 2. Gainward has introduced their own solution based at the generic Nvidia GTX model.

Friday, July 27, Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3. The new card comes with the memory gainward gtx 285 the same type, but this time it’s faster so that it can cope with the demands of the overclocked graphics core. The GTX can still deliver a mean punch. Gainward gtx 285 GTX will draw up to W and the card is powered via two 6-pin power connectors, which kept their standard location.

You’ll have to download the program from the internet yourself, but nevertheless it’s a nice addition. Last modified on 29 December Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. For ganiward the tests gainwadr used the the latest Nvidia drivers Armed with a new 55nm GTb GPU, the GTX was ready for an overhaul and gainward gtx 285 name change, so that users don’t confuse the old 65nm version with the new 55nm one.

The GPU-Z software provides all the needed information for our eyes:.

Of course, heatpipe technology would’ve been an overkill in this case since power gianward and memory don’t even come close to the temperatures the GPU emits. Last modified on 29 December Rate this gainward gtx 285 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes.


Just like reference cooling, Gainward’s solution is dual-slot as well. We’ve already said that the memory interface is bit, and it was a very wise choice since the memory in gainward gtx 285 is GDDR3. LG Electronics’ Profit Down The Gainward GTX package has been redesigned as you can see in the picture below.

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Note that both fans run at same speed. Idle operation and casual desktop work won’t introduce noise.

All the memory modules are located on the front side of the card, and the memory in question comes from Hynix. The same software also reports the temperatures of the gainward gtx 285 parts of the board.

The graphics card is well protected placed into the box into a plastic antistatic packaging. Gainward offers as much as six different GTX versions, where each sports different clocks, amount of memory and different video outs. The card we’re about to show you is Gainward’s GTX MB, which is a card with doubled frame-buffer compared to the reference design.

The black heatsink is placed on the gainwarf components whereas gainward gtx 285 second one takes care gainward gtx 285 memory modules. The new 55nm chip is much more efficient in the performance-per-clock department, and this is obvious even after a brief glance at the card.