Although I did find noticeable differences between the scanning application’s display and how the images ultimately looked in Photoshop. Creates a thumbnail snapshot of the current preview image and displays it in the snapshot window on the left side of the preview screen. On the left side of the Index tab is a window of image information. In the case of severely curled film, you may opt for sharp focus in one part of the frame, at the cost of poorer focus elsewhere. A rectangular silver door in the middle of the front slides open, letting you insert the flat, inch long carriers for negatives or slides or an optional APS film adapter.

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During scanning, the film moves slowly past the trilinear CCD. Sally Wiener Grotta is a contributing editor of PC Magazine, a professional photographer, a digital scaj, and an early pioneer in computer graphics.

Overall though, I really like the immediate feedback, and not having iki do a full scan to see the results of my focus changes. Index Tab The Index tab lets you view thumbnail prescans of each individual minolta dimage scan dual iii in the 35mm or optional APS film adapters. Auto Dust Brush This tool aims to reduce the number of dust particles showing up on your scans.

The Threshold Level control affects how large a contrast difference must be minolta dimage scan dual iii between adjacent pixels before the sharpening operator will be applied. First, I’d like the ability to select specific colors from within the image, so the correction could be applied to specific hues within the image.

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The computer we used to test the scanner had a USB 2. Cookies help us deliver our service.


Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

minolta dimage scan dual iii Can’t access your account? This makes it very easy to adjust the focus back and forth until you find the optimum point. Enables the Variations adjustment window, which displays a handful of variations for each of the available adjustments. Flesh tones, for example. Overall, the Auto Dust Brush feature is useful, and will doubtless save many amateurs countless hours of retouching dust specks from their scans, but for professional use it’s no match for Digital ICE.

Inserting a film strip into its carrier, however, is a bit more difficult. If you need to do production scanning in a professional environment, the labor saved by Digital ICE would make the Dimage Scan Elite well worth the incremental price difference.

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Here’s what the Easy Scan utility’s user interface looks like: During this time, there is no minolta dimage scan dual iii bar and the minolta dimage scan dual iii software appears to hang.

The easy version, shown above, is very straightforward, and if you wait five seconds the picture will show the various screens it takes the user through. Three-wavelength, cold cathode fluorescent light source. Keep in mind you get what you pay for.

The Wizard screens would require more space to display here than I want to take here, but they basically let you set up duual every parameter available on the other diimage shown below, and assign them to user-defined scan setups. Scanner technology continues to advance, so it’s impossible to say how it will stack up in the market six months or a year from dimaeg.

Konica Minolta Flatbed Scanners. Determines the quality of the index prescan. Image Minolta dimage scan dual iii Tab Once you’ve adjusted the image resolution and size, as well as the orientation and minolta dimage scan dual iii, clicking on the Image Correction tab lets you perform prescanning corrections. Black and white The high dynamic range of this scanner allows it to produce scans with good ‘depth’.


You can select an individual image for scanning by clicking on it, which highlights the frame with a black border. Many people were having this problem so make SURE all the trays are included. Under the Auto option, the Dimage software automatically assesses the image and makes whatever corrections it deems necessary.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner | eBay

Here, I have just a single slide loaded into the 4-position slide holder. Displays a split screen showing the current image correction and the minolta dimage scan dual iii image. The infamous Train slide showed some signs of lens flare, as with most other scanners I’ve tested but there didn’t appear to be any more than with competing models, even those selling for considerably higher prices.

However the Minolta Scan Dual 3 has some tricks in this department too, more on that later. The shot minolta dimage scan dual iii shows an applied histogram correction and a tone curve move. Pixel Polish This allows automatic image corrections, or selection of custom presets that should improve your scanning results.